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Fencing Sport

Fencing is primarily a combat sport that has evolved from a fighting technique. Before its emergence as a sport, it was widely practiced as a duel. The historical origins go back to the refinement of the weapons and the movement sequences compared to sword and saber fights.

Today, fencing is mainly referred to as sport fencing; fencing is done with foil, epee and (lightweight) saber. The official language of commands and actions in competition is French. To distinguish it from modern sport fencing, historical fencing refers to styles of the Renaissance and the Middle Ages. Historical fencing, but also duels with laser swords are becoming increasingly popular.

Further information about fencing:

Information about the disciplines

Three well-known fencers present their discipline in short video sequences.

How to Fence épée
with Fabian Kauter

How to Fence foil
with Alexander Massialas

How to Fence sabre
with Aron Szilagyi

Rules and Penalties

The following video shows the most important information about penalties in fencing.

Fencing Penalties

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